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About Willow Lane

About Willow Lane.

I had the idea to start a blog in 2008 but I had entered the big bad world of full-time employment and the thought was fleeting.

In 2009 I wrote my very first blog post under a dreadfully bad name and swiftly decided the blogosphere wasn’t for me…

By 2010 I was a fully fledged grown up and home owner and I didn’t have much thoughts of running a blog.

During 2011 I was revamping furniture alongside my partner Phill as a fun sideline and so my creative urges were kept contented.

2012 saw me find more and more blogs I adored and my growing frustration at not having my own personal online space was mounting.

Finally, Willow Lane was born in 2013 thanks to a shove in the right direction from Phill (not to mention his excellent graphic design abilities helping bring Willow Lane from my brain to you!).

And the moral of the story? Whilst life keeps getting in the way of many things, never let it stop you starting something you have a passion for.

This blog showcases my loves in life.  I’ll chat to you about style, interiors, food, travel and my family life.  Like many of you I display my personality through the clothes I wear, the home I decorate, the food I cook and the places I journey to. I was delighted to welcome my daughter Rose into the world in 2016, and along with my partner Phill, they feature regularly on Willow Lane. I hope you will enjoy reading and watching!

Want to know more about me?  Then just ask!  Send me an email, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

About Willow Lane

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