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Midas Jewellers

Christmas is the perfect time to surprise someone with a beautiful piece of jewellery. My other half always buys me a piece of jewellery at Christmas. He knows my tastes well and now he’ll be sorted for the next few years as I have a gorgeous new Thomas Sabo charm bracelet to fill up with pretty charms!

Midas Jewellers sent me a beautiful silver charm bracelet and I love it. I have a soft spot for Midas Jewellers as I always remember going into their store in my hometown of Lisburn. They sell lots of beautiful jewellery and Thomas Sabo is no doubt one of their most popular brands. Midas sent me the high shine sterling silver charm bracelet with a Cloverleaf Charm.

Part of the fun of owning a charm bracelet is slowly filling it up with charms that mean something to you at different stages of your life. A four leaf clover is a sign of good luck in my part of the world so it was very apt that Midas sent me this cloverleaf with a stunning cubic zirconia in the middle. Here’s hoping my new piece of jewellery gives me lots of luck going into 2015!

And who would have known that a few days after receiving my charm bracelet I get another Thomas Sabo surprise in the post. My friend Ian of Rogues and Brogues sent me the most stunning Thomas Sabo acorn and oak leaf charm for Christmas. He knows how much acorn symbolism means to me (afterall it is in my blog logo) and I was overwhelmed by the gesture.

So already I’m starting to add to my bracelet, which will look better and better as it begins to fill up. I have always admired my Nanny’s charm bracelet which jingles and jangles everywhere she goes. Now I have the chance to have an amazing piece of arm candy to rival hers!

Thomas Sabo silver charm bracelet

Thomas Sabo charms bracelet

I’ve been getting lots of wear out of my new charm bracelet during the party season. It goes great with my new Art on Fashion dress.

Thomas Sabo from Midas Jewellers

Thomas Sabo acorn and leaf charm

gourmet food st george's market

It had been way too long since Phill and I had visited St George’s Market in Belfast. It’s a must-visit indoor market right in the city centre for both local people and tourists. We headed over to the market last Sunday to soak up the Christmas atmosphere (we spotted Santa Claus) and get some fresh food…and cupcakes!

I was fed up of waking up every Sunday morning, having a skim through instagram, only to be met with streams of mouth watering cupcake images from St George’s Market regular Claire of Lily Pink Bakery. Last weekend was the final straw – when I spotted her Tunnock’s Teacakes cupcakes on show. Every Christmas I get a big box of Tunnock’s Teacakes (it barely lasts past Christmas) and so the thought of a cupcake version was too much to take. I headed straight to the Lily Pink Bakery stall (you’ll find Claire the baker there every Sunday) and promptly bought two Tunnock’s Teacake cupcakes, a Turtledove cupcake and her best-selling red velvet cupcake.

And we didn’t stop there. We visited the butchers and got loads of bacon and some eggs, then headed to the fruit and veg stall and got some fresh produce. I was very tempted to buy some handmade Christmas decorations but managed to resist. I also loved having a nosey at some of the vintage wares.

We spent almost two hours at the market, walking around, queuing for food and coffee, eating said food and coffee; and generally just enjoying all the hub-bub of the market. The place was packed out with people which was great to see. It’s definitely a wonderful way to spend a Sunday (it’s open from 10.30am) if you like to sample Northern Irish food produce and arts and crafts. I could happily go back again this weekend and stock up on more food and sweet treats.

st george's market at christmas

vintage sellers st george's market

vintage stalls st george's market

food stalls st george's market

fresh fish st george's market

artwork at st george's market

christmas at st george's market belfast

Lily Pink Bakery St George's Market

Willow Lane St George's Market

Willow Lane St George's Market

Jaeger tote bag

Jaeger tan bag

tan tote bag

The iconic British womenswear brand Jaeger opened a brand new store in Belfast last month and of course I had to pop in and check out the new premises. The store is full of classic statement pieces, which are the hallmark of Jaeger’s understated and chic style. I adored the camel coats, the beautiful sweaters and, of course, the leather bags.

There was a fab offer on the Julianne tote bags whilst I was visiting (£150 down to £100) and when I went back for a second visit a few days later I had decided I wanted the most classic tote bag of all – the tan tote. For me this is a timeless piece which I’ll hopefully treasure forever. I love the strong structure of it and the textured pebble leather. I took my bag out for it’s first outing at the weekend into Belfast City Centre. It held all my essentials with room left for some shopping!

To introduce the people of Belfast and beyond to the new Jaeger store location on Arthur Street the folks at Jaeger have put together a fab guide to Belfast’s best bits. I wanted to include the ‘Jaeger Neighbourhood Belfast’ guide in this post as I agree whole-heartedly with the picks – from  a jaunt around St George’s Market to Afternoon Tea in the Merchant and a trip to the Titanic. I’d highly recommend you treat yourself this Christmas/New Year to a trip to Belfast, a splurge in Jaeger (their Christmas sale is meant to be fab) and a dander around the great city of Belfast!

Jaeger's Guide to Belfast

Isle jewellery

I love discovering new jewellery brands, and even more so when I find out they are from my part of the world (Northern Ireland in case you don’t know!). Isle is run by a sister duo and they produce the most beautifully simple and unique pieces of jewellery inspired by the Northern Irish landscape. I love that they have been able to blend their culture and talent together in a way that is really modern and refreshing. Their designs are all a subtle nod to their Northern Irish background, and their packaging is (almost) as lovely as the jewellery itself. Everything about Isle is effortlessly simple, modern and stylish.

Since I was a child I’ve loved jewellery and this is all down to my Mum. I remember visiting jewellery stores with her looking at new and used jewellery. Whilst Mum has stopped buying jewellery so much now I have taken on the baton and I am forever  adding to my jewellery collection. Now thanks to Isle I have a brand new silver necklace to wear. The Fionn necklace symbolises the Giants Causeway, an iconic piece of landscape in the north of Ireland which is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. The pendant has a stunning high-shine to it and you receive a cleaning cloth with the necklace to keep it polished and looking at its best.

I adore the look of this necklace and I love that it acts as a constant reminder of my homeland. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery and landscapes. The ladies behind Isle jewellery have cleverly evoked some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland in the most exquisite jewellery pieces, which include necklaces, earrings and rings.

Isle currently have 10% off all items in their online shop, and are offering free shipping throughout December.

Isle silver necklace

Fionn necklace

Willow Lane jewellery